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4 Ways to Be Happy & Healthy This Holiday Season

Who says you can’t be happy and healthy at the same time during the holidays🎄? We have been through so much during 2020 so we deserve to be able to enjoy our favorite foods this holiday season without the guilt. 

Everyday we should be practicing consistency and not perfection. So these 4 tips to help us be happy and healthy can not only help us through the holidays but also throughout the year. 

  • Eat breakfast and drink your Tummy Time Tea 😉 – Of course I had to make a shameless plug.  But all jokes aside, we typically starve ourselves until lunch or dinner and that could cause our metabolism to stall. Jump start your metabolism by eating breakfast which can also help prevent overeating at later meals. 
  • Be mindful of portion sizes – I know that is easier said than done but excess calories equals excess weight. So let’s focus on smaller portions by using appropriately sized serving spoons and other utensils. Remember we want tobalntce being happy and healthy this holiday season.
  • Eat From a Smaller Plate – it’s an easy way to help cut back on the amount of food (calories) that you would normally put on a plate. Now remember don’t pile it high because that just defeats the purpose. In addition to consuming less calories, this will also allow you to really focus on how much it takes for you to get full.   
  • Move! Throw on that Apple Watch or other activity tracker and monitor your activity level for the day. The only true way to burn calories is to get to moving. So after eating take a walk, dance, clean up or anything else that gets the heart rate up. 

Lastly, enjoy the moment, be happy and be healthy this holiday season. Rather you are relaxing by yourself or socially distancing with family. Enjoy the moment and be present. 

Merry Christmas 

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

From your favorite dietitian 


Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.