Choosing Good Foods For Good Moods.

Mood Foods

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and is dedicated to providing education and support  on mental health as well as to fight the stigma.  

There are a few foods and nutrients that studies have shown may help boost or alter our moods in a positive way. By slowing incorporating some of these foods into your daily meal plan, you may be able to soon see some benefits. Let’s take a look at a few below.

Vitamin D

Some studies have shown that lower levels of vitamin D may lead to an increase risk of anxiety and depression. For those os us who live in the South where the sun is readily available year round, including rich vitamin D foods can also provide a necessary boost. 

Sources of foods high in vitamin D include:

  • Mushrooms
  • Egg yolks 
  • Tuna
  • Salmon 
  • Sardines
  • Milk
  • Vitamin D Fortified foods 

Vitamin C

Not only has vitamin C been shown to be useful in promoting healthy immune systems, recent studies have also shown the potential benefit in supporting mood and decreasing depression. The sources of vitamin C are usually readily available and can be easily consumed as a snack or included in quick and easy recipes. 

Sources of vitamin C foods include:

  • Oranges
  • Mangoes
  • Lemons
  • Kiwis
  • Strawberries
  • Bell Peppers


Protein containing foods not only play a role in helping us feel fuller longer, which is helpful in weight control, but also provides higher levels of dopamine which plays a role in boosting mood and concentration. 

Sources of protein foods include:

  • Lean Beef
  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Tofu

Other Foods:

The below foods can also be helpful in boosting mood by increasing satiety, regulating blood sugar levels and improving cognitive function. These foods contain an array of nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium and folate.

  • Beets
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Walnuts
  • Dark Chocolate

While adding these foods to your meal plan daily may help boost mood it is also important to speak to your healthcare providers about all options to treat mental health including medication and homeopathic methods. 

Note – These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is for educational purposes only and  is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.